Rich's University Overview

Rich Products Corporation has built a learning culture since its inception over 70 years ago. With the company’s continuous growth, it became necessary to focus educational efforts through a competency model later developed in 2010. In a corporation of 10,000+ associates worldwide, there are a variety of disciplines - Marketing, Culinary, Sales each with its own set of competencies.

An example of those competencies is our Culinary Competencies which we address by offering various courses, at various levels, targeting areas such as:

Solution Selling
Presentation Skills
Adult Learning Techniques
Menu Engineering
Market and Product Knowledge
Serve Safe Certification

Rich’s is an organization built on innovation and prides itself on being an industry leader in a very dynamic marketplace. Rich University was built as an entity to grow the company’s competitive advantage through a holistic
world-wide approach. Dynamic educational programs designed to teach practical application of Best in Class skills and deliver to customers the Rich Experience.

Rich University is organization-wide, with RU associates conducting classes and workshops in 15+ countries for over 2,000 associates. The programs built and implemented are the result of collaborations with several renowned
education- focused companies and the Culinary Institute of America. Rich University is led by Mr. Mark Eister, Director of Training, bringing Rich associates over 30+ years of experience and leads a team of trainers with expertise in the fields of sales, marketing and culinary who help deliver a robust program to our global associates.

Our mission as Rich University is to carry the Rich Family vision and commitment to all associates; to be Best In Class across the food industry.