Restaurant Neighbor Awards

Celebrating Community Service

Restaurants demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their communities in good times and bad. Perhaps no other industry has deeper community roots. In large and small communities, people turn to restaurants each day for sustenance, support and socialization – and restaurants give back to their communities, improving the quality of life for all they serve.

With nine in 10 restaurants involved in community service, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation works to raise awareness of the many philanthropic efforts taking place in the restaurant industry across America. 
Fifteen years ago, we joined American Express to create the Restaurant Neighbor Award. The award promotes restaurants’ roles as cornerstones of their communities, and it highlights their efforts to improve quality of life.
Each year, a small business, a mid-size restaurant company and a large/national chain each receive $5,000 to support a favorite charity or community project. One person receives the Cornerstone Humanitarian award. 

Honoring Awardees

Each participating state restaurant association will select winners in their respective states that will compete for the national award.  A panel of industry leaders selects four national winners to receive $5,000 each to support their community efforts.  In addition, winners receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C. to receive their award during a gala awards dinner.
Meet the 2016 Restaurant Neighbor Awards national winners

Meet the 2016 Restaurant Neighbor Awards state winners