Adopt a Classroom

Experience ProStart First-Hand

The intersection of industry and the classroom is the heart of the ProStart program.  That’s why the contributions of professionals play such an integral role in the program.   When you engage hands-on in the classroom, students benefit from your experience and expertise.

Help educators bring the industry to the classroom.

  • Volunteer as a guest lecturer on a topic of your expertise.
  • Conduct a demo on a technique the students are covering in class.
  • Introduce students to the workplace by playing host to a ProStart class at your restaurant, corporate headquarters, warehouse or manufacturing facility. 

Donate product or equipment to a ProStart classroom

Faced with limited school funding, many classrooms are in need of product and equipment. Have equipment to donate or a strong tie with an industry vendor? These contributions make a huge difference in educator’s ability to enrich their students’ learning experience.

Contact your state restaurant association to find a local ProStart classroom.