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NPSI Scholarship Winners Information

Claim your scholarship!

Members of culinary and management teams that place within the top 5 at the National ProStart Invitational (NPSI) are given the opportunity to claim scholarships for college.

The NRAEF services portable scholarships for NPSI winners that can be used for their first year of college. These portable scholarships can be used to pursue restaurant, foodservice, or hospitality related education at the college or university of your choice. The amount of portable scholarships you can be eligible for depends on your team’s final placement.

To claim this opportunity, all NPSI winners must contact our Scholarship Programs office at by May 16, 2018 and we will send additional details on what to do next.  Even if you’re not currently a high-school senior, you must contact us by the deadline so we can get the process started for you.

Winners who do not contact by May 16, 2018 forfeit their chance to claim the scholarship award - no exceptions will be made.

School Specific Scholarships

Several colleges and universities have worked with the NRAEF to provide school-specific scholarships to winners and participants at NPSI.  Please check the NPSI program book for a full listing of schools and their scholarship details.  Unlike portable scholarships from the NRAEF, these school-specific scholarships can only be used for a specific school and cannot be transferred.

Please note that these scholarships are not serviced by the NRAEF, if you are eligible for a school specific scholarship from NPSI, it is your responsibility to contact that school and follow their procedures in claiming their school-specific scholarship.

General Undergraduate Scholarships

Whether or not you’re part of a winning NPSI team, you may still be eligible for one of our merit-based undergraduate scholarships!  Check here.  College-bound students typically apply in January of every year for the upcoming school year.  Contact for more information!