ProStart Curriculum

From how to hold a knife properly to ensuring your restaurant makes money, Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts teaches you what you need to start a career in restaurants.  The textbooks give you:

  • An insider’s look at working in restaurants
  • Exciting labs to practice your skills

The curriculum blends front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house content in two textbooks.  Starting with an overview of the industry, you’ll move into kitchen essentials – including equipment and culinary techniques – and management essentials like communication and customer service. 

You’ll spend time in the kitchen honing your ability to cook restaurant quality meals and learn how to keep your guests coming back.  You’ll become immersed in hot topics within the industry, such as sustainability and global cuisines.  Just as important, you’ll become armed with the skills to find and keep a job within the restaurant industry.

FRMCA has free companion sites available featuring references from the book, key terms and study aids.

Access the companion sites:

Level 1 Companion site:

Level 2 Companion site:

Partner with Generation No Kid Hungry

ProStart students can earn COA hours volunteering with Generation No Kid Hungry, a national movement of young leaders dedicated to ending childhood hunger by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day. Working within the No Kid Hungry campaign, we won’t stop until every kid in our generation has access to the food they need to succeed. Generation No Kid Hungry is made possible through the support of the Sodexo Foundation. To learn more, visit

The No Kid Hungry Menu is a great place to explore the possible volunteer opportunities you can participate in to get your 400 hours of work experience.  

Download the No Kid Hungry menu today!

Download your No Kid Hungry hours form today!