Restaurant Ready

Hospitality Pathways Project

Funded by the Kessler Foundation

Expanding Work-readiness Resources & Training for
People with Disabilities

The Hospitality Pathways project builds on NRAEF’s commitment to attracting and retaining restaurant and foodservice workers from all backgrounds by equipping them with training and education. With funding from the Kessler Foundation, this project aims to expand access for people with disabilities to Restaurant Ready work-readiness resources, as well as job and career opportunities.

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Project Overview

With the help of state restaurant association and community-based organization partners in Colorado, Delaware, and Michigan, the NRAEF will strengthen its resources materials, Restaurant Ready delivery, and career pathway and apprenticeship opportunities to increase access options for people with disabilities. The updated Hospitality Pathways Universal Design enhancements will be piloted with a group of 100 participants through these partners before being disseminated to more than 60 additional partner sites across 22 states and shared with the overall hospitality industry

Restaurant Ready Program Goals

  • Establish the hospitality industry as a suitable place for first jobs, and as a model of employment, development and advancement.
  • Foster collaboration between community organizations, state restaurant associations, and employers.
  • Secure additional resources to support people not currently connected to school or work.
  • Provide a national standard assessment for job-readiness skills.

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