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The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation offers impactful ways for companies of all sizes to contribute to improving the lives of restaurant workers and their families.

These companies deliver the ingredients, services, and supplies that enable the $900 billion restaurant and foodservice industry to remain a pillar of local communities and to help bolster the national economy.

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Our Industry Partnership Program will help you access events, demonstrate direct support for the industry, expand your business opportunities, and achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.

As an Industry Partner, you will choose the level of engagement that best suits your business goals, with exclusive access to the Association’s sponsorships, events and programs that will keep you close to our 40,000 members.

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Join a powerful group of organizations who are supporting the industry by partnering with NRAEF, while meeting their business goals.

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Throughout the year, NRAEF hosts and participates in numerous events, including trainings, webinars, competitions, conferences, award galas, and industry events.

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