The Coca-Cola Company Turns Restaurant Workers Into Leaders

Let’s nourish the next generation of skilled leaders.

Restaurant operators consistently rank employee recruitment and retention as a top challenge. In response, The Coca-Cola Company has stepped up to support The Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center’s mission to help restaurant operators train and guide their best employees for a fulfilling career in food.

Generating a More Skilled Workforce Through Training & Career Guidance

The Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center’s nationally accredited line cook, kitchen manager, and restaurant manager training programs give industry employers the tools to develop and cultivate their employee talent through a collaboration with the U.S. Department of Labor. The Center partners with employers to:

  • Identify and enroll employees
  • Implement an internal training program
  • Award nationally-recognized credentials to graduating trainees
Portrait of chef in pizzeria

Join The Coca-Cola Company in Building a Future for Restaurant & Hospitality Leaders

Contact the Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center

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