National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) defines an academic year as any semester, term, or quarter that falls between August 1 of the current year and July 31 the following year. Scholarship funds are for one academic year only and is non-transferrable to a different academic year unless approved by the NRAEF.

The following conditions must be met before the scholarship award is released:

Distribution/Allocation of Scholarship Funds: The funds are to be distributed in equal portions, by term, during the academic year the student is awarded for. If the student has already paid for the current term, the total amount can be applied to the next consecutive term. If the student is only enrolled for one semester within the academic year and is set to graduate after that semester, the entire amount can be applied to their final semester.

Usage of Scholarship Funds: Award money may be used for tuition and fees, books, room and board (on or off campus), transportation costs, meal plan costs, or any other school-related expenses (e.g. uniforms, knife kits, supplies, academic program related fees, etc.).

Enrollment Eligibility: The student must be enrolled full-time or part-time at the academic institution in a restaurant, hospitality, or foodservice-related program for each term of the academic year. Part-time enrollment can be any amount of credit hours below full-time enrollment and above zero. Such enrollment must be verified each term before the funds are released to the student’s account.

Notification of Academic Probation: If the student is placed on academic probation or is not maintaining satisfactory academic progress as defined by your institution, the NRAEF must be notified before the award is released.

Release of Scholarship Funds: If all conditions above are met and award money remains after all tuition and other school-related expenses have been paid for the academic year, any remaining money may be released to the student.

Return of Funds: If the student does not enroll for the academic year they are awarded, the full scholarship amount must be returned to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

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