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ProStart For Industry

Choose to be a key player in the future of this industry, where you can inspire young people, offer avenues for advancement and tell the world about the endless opportunities available in the restaurant industry.

What is ProStart?

ProStart is a career and technical education program that unites the foodservice industry and the classroom to teach high school students culinary skills and restaurant management principles, as well as employability skills such as communication, teamwork, professionalism, and time management.

How To Get Involved

Mentor ProStart Students

Engage with ProStart by visiting a ProStart classroom, hosting a field trip at your restaurant or offices, or observing students in the kitchen.

Hire a ProStart Student or Alumni

ProStart students know culinary arts and restaurant management essentials. They're dependable, natural leaders and are eager to learn.

Sponsor a Team

Give a ProStart team the opportunity to compete for scholarships at the National ProStart Invitational.

Making an impact


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