Education Certification

As a secondary educator specializing in restaurant management and culinary arts, you have the opportunity to obtain certification to demonstrate your knowledge of the foodservice industry.

Certified Secondary Foodservice Educator Certification

The Certified Secondary Foodservice Educator certification (CSFE) was developed for educators at the secondary level to:

  • Improve and enhance restaurant and foodservice knowledge
  • Develop technical and teaching skills
  • Satisfy certification and credential requirements of state and local school districts and professional and trade associations

CSFE Certification Requirements

To be eligible to apply for the Certified Secondary Foodservice Educator industry certificate, the candidate should meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelors or Associates degree from an accredited institution or from recognized teacher education institution
  • Attend the NRAEF Summer Institutes, Levels 1 through 3, and successfully pass the exam for each Level.
    • A waiver is available for Level 1 for educators with degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Culinary Arts, or who hold a current ACF certification.
  • 120 hours Industry Work Experience

Certification Renewal

The CSFE certification requires ongoing professional development to keep the certification current. To renew your certification you must earn 80 hours of Continuing Education Hours (CEH) within five years of acquiring the credential. Keep copies of your letters, certificates, transcripts, etc. in order to keep track of your progress.

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