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Hone your culinary and restaurant management instruction skills for the ProStart classroom

For 2023, we are excited to announce the return of in-person training and the launch of the new ProStart® Educator Professional Development program which is specific to the ProStart curriculum and classroom experience. The new program will launch in July of 2023.

The new professional development model will provide updated guidance and fresh learning opportunities for new and seasoned ProStart educators, featuring a new focus on teaching the Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts curriculum with in-depth demonstration and lecture instruction. Educators will have the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized faculty, network with peers, and learn how to apply their course takeaways in their ProStart classrooms.

Stay tuned for additional details and information. Announcements will be made to provide updates periodically.

Course Details

2023 Dates

July 9 – 13, 2023

The Fairmont Dallas
1717 N. Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75201

How to Register

Registration will be open from March 27 through June 9, 2023. During those dates, check back on this page for a link to registration.

Registration Fee


Educator Grants

($750 toward registration plus $1,000 toward expenses)

The Professional Development Grant Application for 2023 will be available from January 17 through February 24, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the change and why are we making it?
A. In response to feedback from the ProStart community, there was an overwhelming desire for a ProStart specific training to support the specific needs of the curriculum, classroom, and lab experience associated with ProStart.

Previously, we provided educator professional development that was available to any secondary food-service educator. While the content was largely based on the Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts curriculum, it was not focused on the specific needs of educators in the ProStart classroom.

Summer Institutes, the previous iteration of educator training, had been in practice for more than a decade and was due for an update. It was an ideal opportunity to update the content to the new ProStart specific training model.

The new model provides a best-in-class standard of training with new avenues of learning for new and current educators to enhance their skills, gain credibility, and support the continued growth and recognition of the ProStart program.

The new program will consist of 3-4 days of core training content. In 2023, only core content will be offered. Optional tracks, electives, and spotlights will be added beginning in 2024 to enhance the experience, year after year.

Q. Who can attend?
A. ProStart educators who are employed at a confirmed ProStart program school may register. Programs must complete annual data collection each year to be a confirmed ProStart program.
Q. What is the cost to attend?

A. The cost for ProStart Professional Development is $750.

Q. Is there funding support to attend?

A. Yes. Professional Development Grants are available in the amount of $1,750 ($750 to cover the cost of registration and $1,000 to assist with travel and expenses). These grants may ONLY be used for ProStart Professional Development courses. The application will be open from Tuesday, January 17 through Friday, February 24, 2023.

All educators interested in Professional Development Grants for 2023 ProStart Professional Development must apply via the application. Due to the nature of funding and financial restrictions, grant awards are only given out on a one-year basis and will not roll over into subsequent years. Additional application information will be announced soon.

Q. What's happening with Certified Secondary Foodservice Educator (CSFE)?
A. New applications for the Certified Secondary Foodservice Educator (CSFE) will be accepted through 2023 and the program will sunset in 2028. Current and renewal applications received through 2023 will remain valid for the existing 5-year term.

The final offering of Summer Institutes was in 2022, therefore if educators have not completed the required three levels to apply for the CSFE credential, they may attend the new training and receive the ProStart Educator Certificate. Be on the lookout for more information and updates about the new ProStart Educator Certificate.

Q. What if I already have my CSFE? Do I need to do this training?
A. Yes, you must complete the core content component of the new program to be eligible for the new ProStart Educator Certificate (more details on the certificate coming soon).

The core content will include new and interactive opportunities to engage and enhance the ProStart experience for educators and students and will be a great benefit during training and beyond.

Q. Why is this only one week over the summer rather than multiple weeks?

A. The new program will consist of 1-3 days of core training that will be consistent year after year. Because there are no longer multiple required levels to the program, we are able to offer a more robust one-week program bringing more educators together at one place and time.

Q. Will there be levels and a spotlight series?
A. The spotlight series that was previously offered as a part of Summer Institutes will transition to spotlight course offerings for educators who have already achieved the ProStart Educator Certificate and will be included as a part of the new program.

Spotlight courses will be offered beginning in 2024 and will be provided as a 1-2 day course offering in addition to the core content each year.

Q. Can experienced ProStart educators waive out of core content to earn the ProStart Educator Certificate?

A. While we understand there are educators with years of experience with the program, all interested educators must complete the core content to receive the ProStart Educator Certificate.

The new program provides new insight into the ProStart classroom experience and will include new interactive features that will benefit educators far beyond the training experience.

Q. What is provided by NRAEF?

A. The NRAEF will provide educational and training materials, schedules, exams, and important information to educators prior to the course, via email. It is crucial that you register with an active email address so that we may reach out. If you do not have access to your school district email account during the summer months, please register using a personal email address to ensure you receive critical information and updates.

Q. When does registration open for the 2023 course?

A. Registration for 2023 ProStart Professional Development will be open from March 27 through June 9, 2023.

Q. What are the key dates for the 2023 course?

A. Educator Grant Applications Open: January 17, 2023

Grant Applications Close: February 24

Grant Application Awards Notifications and Claiming: March 17

Registration Open: March 27

Registration Close: June 9

Cancellation Deadline: June 23

Full refund minus $25 through June 23

After June 23, substitutions only; no refund

Q. Who should I contact with questions?
A. Please first reach out with any questions to

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