The Next Generation of Restaurant Leaders

Original research from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and the Center for Generational Kinetics, today unveiled the prevailing attitudes, perceptions and trends that Gen Z has towards working in the restaurant industry.
With job openings in restaurants at a record high, and millions of Gen Z slated to enter the US workforce, the study was designed to explore the relationship between younger generations and the industry, in order to see if and where the desires of these younger generations overlap with what the industry has to offer.
Key findings from the study include:
  • 82% of Gen Z say a restaurant job was their first paid job and 73% think the restaurant industry is a good place to get a first job
  • Over one third aspire to become business owners, operators, or move into specialty areas
  • Almost 40 percent would like to progress to upscale restaurants
  • On average, Gen Z started working in the industry almost two years earlier than Millennials.
  • Over 40% of Gen Z state mentors help them build skills and confidence
  • The top cultural traits found to be important for a Gen Zer’s ideal job include recognition, flexibility and team atmosphere

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