Summer Institutes

Level 1: Basic

Prerequisite: None. Educators can waive out of Level 1 - waiver can be downloaded here

Synopsis: This session begins with an overview of the restaurant and foodservice industry, and includes valuable information about kitchen and management essentials. Explore communication and skills and gain an in-depth knowledge of culinary basics from mise en place through cooking methods.


Topics include:
  • Introduction to the industry
  • Food safety
  • Workplace safety
  • Kitchen essentials 1: Professionalism, standardized recipes
  • Kitchen essentials 2: Equipment, mise en place, cooking methods
  • Stocks, sauces, and soups
  • Communication
  • Management essentials: teamwork, leadership, hiring, orientation, training
  • Teaching pedagogy
  • Please note that you will receive a knife kit at the Level 1 sessions. You should plan to check a bag, or ship this home, as the knives will not be allowed as carry-on luggage.

Registration for the Summer Institutes will open mid-March 2019.

Registration for the Summer Institutes is $675 and includes:
  • Five days of instruction
  • Classroom and lab supplies
  • Knife Kit (starter kit for Level I only)
  • Instructional materials
  • Opening reception
  • Tour of an industry site
  • Breakfast, lunch, and breaks each day
Transportation, hotel, and additional meals are not covered by the Registration fee.

Sample Agenda