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Recognizing Talent is a Skill. So is Developing It.

The Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center partners with restaurant operators, who receive one-on-one support to manage administrative burdens, enroll employees, identify trainers and integrate with our accredited competency-based programs.

Current programs include line cook, kitchen manager and restaurant manager programs.

Upon completion, your trainees will receive nationally-recognized professional certificates from the U.S. Department of Labor, the National Restaurant Association, and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

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Let’s nourish the next generation of skilled leaders

The Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center is helping restaurant owners and managers across the U.S. provide the resources needed to help train and guide their best employees for a fulfilling career in food. We know equipping people with training and career guidance is how we create a more skilled workforce. That is why our nationally recognized apprenticeship program gives you the tools you need to provide those employees with the opportunity they deserve. Let’s find tomorrow’s food leaders, elevate them along the path to a successful career, and raise standards across our industry.


Why Partner with RHLC?


RHLC Training Programs

Learn how to get involved in our programs below, whether you're a prospective apprentice, an employer, or other workforce development organization.

Hospitality Sector Registered Apprenticeship (HSRA)

For those seeking a career in restaurant, foodservice or lodging management.


Restaurant Youth Registered Apprenticeship (RYRA)

For youth ages 17-24 living in CO, DE, LA, and MD, specifically those enrolled in ProStart or Restaurant Ready programs, seeking restaurant management or line cook career paths.


Apprenticeship Opportunities for Military

For veterans and transitioning military service members looking to advance their skills and pursue a civilian career in restaurant management.


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