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Restaurant Youth
Registered Apprenticeship

Restaurant Youth Registered Apprenticeship

The Restaurant Youth Registered Apprenticeship (RYRA) aims to connect young people to the nation’s second-largest private-sector employer — restaurants — through industry apprenticeships like Restaurant Management and Line Cook, and complementary services that support growth and achievement. RYRA is offered in Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, and Maryland.

How it Works

The program partners with State Restaurant Associations, ProStart and Restaurant Ready programs, education and training providers, and supportive service providers to advance participants on their path to success. Restaurant Management apprentices gain skills in restaurant leadership, operations, financial management, and marketing. Line Cook apprentices learn hard culinary skill sets, food safety and sanitation knowledge, and the fundamentals of inventory and supply management.

This grant is funded through a Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor’s (USDOL) Employment and Training Administration.

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RYRA Program Resources

Apprenticeship Fact Sheet

Learn more about the NRAEF Apprenticeship program tracks.


RYRA Brochure

Download and print this tri-fold brochure for more information on how to get your organization involved with RYRA.


Apprenticeship Poster

Download this recruitment poster for your organization.


State Restaurant Association Partners


State Restaurant Association Advisory Boards

SRA Advisory Boards are comprised of secondary and post-secondary education proiders, WIOA service providers, State Apprenticeship Agencies, and apprenticeship employers.

RYRA Program Partners

U.S. Department of Labor - Office of Apprenticeship


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