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Hanukkah Begins

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Blog Post, Recipes |

Happy Hanukkah, ProStart! From Nov. 28th to Dec. 6th, people all over the world are celebrating this Jewish holiday also known as “the festival of the lights.” Each night of the eight days of Hanukkah, families light one candle on the menorah just after dark to commemorate the miracle of light. People may celebrate the holiday by playing games, singing songs, giving gifts, or cooking traditional Jewish dishes. A few of our ProStart classrooms tried out some festive recipes this year to celebrate Hanukkah, keep reading to check them out!



Old Colony Culinary’s Challah Bread

The Sophomores at Old Colony Culinary took on the traditional Jewish recipe for braided Challah bread. Challah is an egg-based bread, similar to brioche but doesn’t have any butter or milk. It is a flavorful and moist bread with a distinct brown crust due to the egg wash before baking. It’s great to use for a sandwich, or even French toast! This can especially be enjoyed on the Friday night of Hanukkah in celebration of Shabbat.







Pacific Grove High School’s Matzoh Toffee

While toffee isn’t a traditional Jewish dish, Matzoh bread is a staple in Jewish culture, especially around the holiday of Passover. The bread represents the hardships of freedom for the Jewish people. The ProStart program at Pacific Grove High School took a spin on this tradition, and made Toffee! It’s loaded with nuts and chocolate, giving it that perfect CRUNCH!







Potato Latkes 

Before these pancakes were made from potatoes, Latkes were originally made with dairy products, like ricotta, dating back to the 14th century Middle Ages. They made the switch to potatoes around the 1800s, and are still used to celebrate Hanukkah in homes all over the world.

What are your favorite Hanukkah recipes? We know we missed a few! We’d love to see what you’re cooking up this holiday season with the hashtag #MadeInProStart.

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