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July is National Culinary Arts Month

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Blog Post |


What is Culinary Arts Month?

Over the years, the way we cook, dine, and celebrate food has grown from cooking out of pure necessity to becoming a form of creative expression and art. Culinary Arts can be a balancing act of combining flavors, presentation, and food science, all while working with unique ingredients to create elaborate dishes. Culinary Arts is truly an art form!


Since 2002, National Culinary Arts Month has been celebrated in July. Cooks, bakers, and chefs are honored for their creative expression through food and innovative recipes and meal concepts. It’s no wonder that the entire month of July is taken to celebrate these creatives as they combine their passion for food, knowledge, and expertise to create wonderful dishes and meals. Culinary Arts revolve around food, but also involve restaurant management skills, food safety, and food science. During this month you’ll see restaurants, kitchens, and culinary institutions honoring these professionals.

How to Celebrate 


To celebrate this month, we are highlighting some of our former ProStart students, as well as chef educators that have left an impact on our program. Keep an eye out every week for a new post featuring one of these talented people! If you are looking to celebrate this month, be sure to shout out your favorite chef or restaurant and why you appreciate their skills and accomplishments! If you particularly enjoy a dish- tell them why you keep coming back for more. If you are a chef, show off your culinary talent! This month is meant to honor and celebrate all you do. If you’re new to the culinary game- don’t be shy! Try a new recipe or kitchen tool. Perhaps watch your favorite cooking show. Or go out to your favorite restaurant and order something new! Show off your favorite dishes with the hashtags #MadeInProStart and #NationalCulinaryArtsMonth. 

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