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Why ProStart and Apprenticeship make a good fit: with ProStart Instructor Chef David Bochmann

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Apprenticeship, Blog Post, ProStart |

Chef David Bochmann is the Instructor for Cherry Creek Innovation Campus’ (CCIC) ProStart program in Centennial, Colorado. CCIC is a stand-alone college and career preparedness facility accessible for high school students. Through the US DOL Youth Readiness Apprenticeship Grant, Restaurant Youth Registered Apprenticeship (RYRA), Colorado is one of four pilot states linking young adult programs to apprenticeship. We spoke with him about how ProStart students benefit from having access to these kinds of programs.

Why is connecting ProStart to apprenticeship a plus for high school students? What benefits do you see from connecting these opportunities? 

Connecting ProStart to apprenticeship is a plus for high school students because it gives them invaluable experience in a field that is based on that experience. Giving students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience before they graduate puts them ahead of the curve. Connecting ProStart to apprenticeship would benefit not only the students, but also the employer and the industry itself by having a workforce that already has familiarity in the industry.

The potential for fast tracking careers with apprenticeship is immense. I experienced an apprenticeship through the American Culinary Federation as my training for my career (many moons ago) and as a result, my career advanced faster than those who went to college (culinary or otherwise) since I had the experience. Not only the experience of my specific trade, but also management and financial experience within that trade. The benefit for a high school student with a head start on learning a trade would advance them quickly through the industry.

Do you think a program like this could transform the lives and future careers of your high school students? If so, why? 

I do believe an apprenticeship could transform the lives of my high school students. The apprenticeship would give them a solid base to start from and eventually extend to a long-term goal of being successful in the food service industry.

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